Go ahead, ask



This cry of anguish was uttered at 8:07 one morning.

One school morning.

Brushing teeth, finding jackets, tying laces, packing lunch all while irritating your sibling morning.


I mean, really? What am I, a stationery shop? Think those exact words came out of my mouth. If I were Mary Poppins, no doubt I would just reach into my satchel and produce a timely fountain pen that writes in rainbows and tastes of lime cordial. But hey. School morning. And just your average mum…no magic here.


As I make her double check the usual hiding places, all that’s going through my mind is “Whyyyyy are you asking me this NOW??” Her despondent steps down the staircase tell me no such luck.

As she stares down at the ground with shoulders slumped, I know what’s going through her head- her teacher, the one she adores, will be disappointed with her. I tell her to ask Jack as he just might have one lying around.


Mad dash back up the stairs. A few minutes later, I hear the normal scrambling thunder that is Zoe coming down the stairs. Bingo.


“Did he have one?” I ask needlessly.




As I watch her happily finishing up her morning routine, all I can think now is, “That’s why.”

That’s why she asks me the ridiculous, the inconvenient, the seemingly impossible. Because she knows that I will try to fix it, that I will want to help her. I’m not really sure what my track record of success is with these minor catastrophes, but she keeps asking… She still thinks it’s worth it to ask, even though she doesn’t know for certain what the outcome will be.


We often talk about bringing everything to God. Requests big and small….but sometimes, do you ever get that feeling, “Oh I shouldn’t even bother asking for this…”  “Oh he’s going to get tired of hearing that…”


Here’s the thing. He doesn’t get tired. He does not grow faint or weary. He is NOT an average mum. Or dad. Or pastor, teacher, president… Your mistakes, your foolishness, your sin can’t outpace his grace, compassion and patience.


So go ahead. Ask.


Theme photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash


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