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13th April, 2020

Dear Lord,

Re: Complaint – Suffering

I wish to inform you that I am seriously dissatisfied with the state of your world at this moment. There exist extreme and horrifying management errors, and I must insist that you take a hand in the remedying of the situation immediately. My family, friends and loved ones are all suffering unduly, and I believe the situation is far worse for millions of others.

To give some detail: in the last two weeks my husband has had to deal with grieving parents and a sad and temporarily insane wife. Now his father is gravely ill. I am aware of a great number who need your care. Some are bearing pain and illness bravely, some bringing amazing things to difficult situations, some keeping us all alive with their determination and steadfastness.

In addition, the world is suffering yet another pandemic, millions of people are dying from indescribably dreadful things, the oceans and air are full of pollutants, glorious animals and plants (your creation) are becoming extinct, and too few good people bear the burdens and do the work of many.

I accept there are many deep, good, and theological reasons for your apparent absence in the present order of things. I believe the world has changed since you sent your Son to us, and I know you have a plan to rescue all of humankind and your creation from these evils. I realise the management committee (i.e. humankind) were left in charge and have proved incapable. I am sure your spirit is here now, present in the lives of many, many good Christian men and women. I can see there is beauty and goodness all around us. I am not attempting to question these high and weighty matters.

However, I feel the situation has gone too far. We wish to carry out your will, but are constantly, bitterly and frequently thwarted. I’d like the people I love to find life a bit easier, now. Immediately, please. It’s time they all had a break. It is time you took action and helped us.

Looking forward to your reply,

Yours faithfully,


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