Unexpected News

Have you ever struggled with some unexpected news or twist in your life’s journey? Maybe a move away, a relationship in difficulty, a changing job situation or a dream unfulfilled.    

Mary & Joseph received some unexpected news from an angel one day – they were to be parents of God’s son. And they were young. You can imagine their initial confusion and fear. How were they going to manage? How were they going to explain to their community? Perhaps you’ve been frightened by a situation you’ve faced. 

As you know, we have a wonderful 7 year old son but we haven’t been able to have any children since. It wasn’t what we wanted, or planned. An unexpected turn. I’ve learnt that following Jesus doesn’t mean life will be smooth running; the ‘American dream’ isn’t what’s promised.  

A group of us did the Prayer Course on Unanswered Prayer in the Spring and I was challenged by the question –   

‘Do you have any non-negotiable prayers?’ In other words, if a certain prayer isn’t answered how you want, will you stop following God?  

When the angel tells Mary her unexpected news, she responds ‘I am the Lord’s servant. May your word be fulfilled.’ Her priorities are clear here. It’s a yes to what God has asked of her. She doesn’t know what God’s plan will look like, but she offers her whole being.  

I want to face the unexpected with a trust like Mary. We may not be promised a comfortable life, but we are promised life with purpose, meaning and hope. Life in colour. I don’t believe anything else could compare. 

Loving God, I give my life to you,  
to walk with you whatever this journey may hold.  

Theme photo by Peggy Sue Zinn on Unsplash

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