Ignite RRRRhythm!

If you’ve been along on a Sunday recently, you’ll know we’re trying a new format. It’s a monthly rhythm with 1 theme and 4 different looks. 

Our main aim is to help us all grow as followers of Jesus. Church is a place to be transformed in our love for Him, ourselves, each other and our communities. It’s for those young in faith, those mature, those struggling and those ready to jump in! 

If together we can create a loving, authentic environment and at the same time push ourselves in our thinking and attitudes – I think we will grow.

Here’s what we’re doing each month (actually starting on the 2nd Sunday of each month!) and some of our thinking behind it:

Week 1 – Revealing 

An altogether time, cafe style. Introducing our theme in simple, creative and fun ways. People can get involved in as little or as much as they want, as we open up our theme. 

Why? We’re hoping it’s an accessible space for different learning styles, to learn and invest in one another, to laugh together. 

Week 2 – Researching

We break out into groups for children, teens and adults to go deeper into our theme. Perhaps more of a ‘regular’ church style.

Why? Go deeper into the biblical text, ask questions, challenge our thinking and consider how we apply it to our lives.

Week 3 – Responding  

We go out! Our theme into action, serving in a practical way. Like mini mission trips perhaps. 

Why? Opening our eyes to needs around us. Bringing heavenly touches to earth. Blessing others as we have been. Deepening our relationships as we serve alongside each other. 

Week 4 – Reflecting 

Returning together to share learning and stories of our time out and throughout the series. Where have we seen God at work? Celebrating over food. 

Why? Pulling together our learning from the month. Encouraging us. Helping us to see Jesus in our everyday. Saying thank you. 

Well, that’s the 4 weeks. There’s lots more I could say and go off on a million tangents! But I’ll end with a reminder – you are a wonderful community loved by God. Live in that Christ confidence and step into life together committed to growing and seeing our world blessed. 

Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you. “ Philippians 4:9 

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