Hi from Isaac!

Hi! I’m going to pretend that some of you don’t know me and introduce myself like James did. This comes with the added bonus that if you actually don’t know me, you get to learn a bit here. I can’t guarantee that it’ll be remotely interesting, but hopefully I can give an idea of what I’ll be doing as I work for Urban Junction. 

My name is Isaac. I come from a family of seven: two brothers, one sister, one mum, one dad and one dog (Gus, very important). I was born and raised nearby, in the coffee-shop-stocked town of Dún Laoghaire. I’ve been a member of Urban Junction since I was 12-ish, and this has always been a place of safety, community, laughs and slagging (shoutout to Tara and Rachel who keep me humble). I’ve been on the coffee rota and the light and sound team, but the worship team is where I’ve spent most of my time. Having learnt from the likes of Jenny, Mark, Cathriona, Lynn and Adam, I’ve grown to lead myself and now do so every so often. I’m the one leading a different new song every week and then never doing it again, much to everyone’s evident joy… 

I’ve been asked by many people what I’ll be doing in UJ and, although I seem to give a different answer each time, I’ll try and be clear here. I’ve noticed lately that random interactions with children have been bringing me lots of joy, and I feel there is a lot to learn from them. This has led me to start an after-schools club for kids nearby; a space to do homework, as well as to have fun and hang out. I cannot claim ownership of this idea, as Urban Junction have run this kind of thing before. I’m hoping that this will grow to be a place of belonging and safety for the kids, as it’s so often been for me, and one that they can bring their friends to as well as make new ones at.

Although I do have plans for activities (waterslide down the ramp anyone?), I’m also hopeful that I’ll learn how to have fun from them too; a mutual space where their ideas are just as valid as ours. Most importantly, I hope that it will be a place where God’s love is evident. Although we won’t be preaching at them as they come through the door, the aim is certainly to make it known to them that they are valid, valuable and important to us.  

I’m sure the work I do will evolve over time too. I’m praying that God will give me an idea of what He wants me to do here. Perhaps it’s just the afterschools for now, but maybe it will be more in the future. I’m also willing to try new ventures, and let there be mistakes (probably lots). I would also ask that you would pray for that too. Pray that I’m given discernment on what’s best for the community. Pray that I would grow to understand my role as it evolves. Pray that I’d be brave enough to make those mistakes, and that they might lead to newer, better things. And finally, pray that I make small steps instead of large ones, learning that God will provide, but on His clock not mine. 

James put his hobbies in too, so I guess I should do that. I like board games, going to the cinema alone, hiking in Wicklow (where I can pretend the housing crisis doesn’t exist), starting books I don’t finish and playing guitar, piano and drums. I cook an excellent carbonara and am mediocre at fajitas. I like meeting friends for coffee, especially in Hatch with Simon.  

If you’ve any more questions about the job or anything else, let me know, I’m usually around! It’s lovely to be here.  

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