Being on a Mountain Leader training course 
was like learning to be invisible: 

If you are good, you won’t look at the map. 
When you look at the map, they think you are lost. 
If you say ‘I think’, they think you don’t know. 
Remember the map, speak with assurance,  
Plan for the worst, correct mistakes fast. 
Then no-one will know what it is you don’t know. 

Be accurate to within 20 metres, 
Even in fog, and rain, and the dark. 
If you get this right they will never know  
How close the cliff, how deep the drop 
How narrow the margin, how fine the risk.  
They will never know how much you know. 

There are other ways to be invisible. 
We talk about being light for the world 
Some people do that in a big way 
With lectures and podcasts, books and sermons 
Prison sentences and media postings. 

But for others, the salty ones, 
Perhaps having the map in their head 
The map that has other people on 
Rarely getting lost, and only to within 20 metres, 
Is all they need 
To invisibly make the world a better place.

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