An Encounter

I was a lost teenager in the middle of a world that I didn’t understand.
For the people around me, I was doing no good, I was just a trouble maker.
I drove my parents insane as I clashed with their rules, their principles and their social respectabilities.
I had nothing to show except my attitude, my rebellion and my anger.
I was trapped inside the net of my lies that I had weaved around my life.

It was a cold day in November 1983.
I was sitting on a wall with 2 of my apprenticeship colleagues.
A girl passing by had the courage to stop and invite me to a meeting.
The event was for the next Friday and I agreed to go.

I arrived alone.
The room was in the basement of this old house.
Some steep concrete stairs. The room was not really welcoming.
Two or three recycled sofas, an old carpet, a smell of damp cellar.
Some unknown people were already there.

I do not remember a lot about the talk
But I never forgot its last five minutes.
They are engraved in my memory for ever.

At first, someone asked a question. It was about the future.
And I drew a blank. I felt so stupid.
At 18, I didn’t have a clue about my tomorrow.
I felt so small, so empty.

I was not able to think as my brain seemed to have gone on strike.
I was not able to breathe, I was not able to talk.
I would have had nothing meaningful to say anyway at this moment in time.
My vision blurred, it seemed to me that I was surrounded by fog.

Minutes passed, one or two, they seemed hours to me!
Now my mind was on overload, fear, panic and anxiety were overwhelming me.
What will I do?
Where was I going?
What will be the end for me?

And a reprieve, a relief…  Another question.
Would you accept to meet somebody… a helper?

At the end of my cul-de-sac, this was my exit.
In the darkness of my prospect, this was my spark.
In the depth of my desperation, this was my hope
Without opening my mouth, without moving my lips, all of me shouted:     “YES”

I met my Helper during this evening, I was introduced to Him.
He was not completely unknown to me as I had already heard about Him.
I knew some of His stories, but they were just nice stories.
I had met Him once before, a few years earlier,
But I was too young, I was not ready.

This night was different, I had an encounter.
It was the beginning of an amazing journey.
I went home full of life and talked of my new friend.
My family did not give him the welcome I had hoped.

Day after day, for the last 40 years, I enjoy the presence of such a faithful friend.
It is not always easy, as I am my worst enemy.
Thankfully His love, grace and patience are without any limits.
He is my healer, my comforter.
My hope, my truth and my provider.

He gave me a future, a family of my own,
And millions of brothers and sisters in the world.
If you have never met him, know that he is waiting
And if you need any help, I will be happy to introduce you.

Theme photo by Giacomo Carra on Unsplash

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