Trip to Deutschland

In October I joined a team of 5 others from the Methodist Church on a trip to Germany. We visited 3 churches in 3 cities, experiencing some of how they’re working alongside their communities as Jesus’ hands and feet. The UJ staff team graciously listened to me sharing stories one morning and wanted me to give you a couple of the highlights too.  

It’s not long winded (as it’s a busy season!) and photo based! So here are a few random things I learnt/liked/got me thinking –


Their mission is to give people opportunities to encounter church family and God.
People don’t just want community – they want to be seen by each other and by God. This changes things. 

EMK Metzingen (


Modern church building and gathering.  
Their style is always aimed at the 20-40s age group, arguing that this creates a multi-generational church.  

JesusCentrum | Church differently – because everyone counts


Barry Sloan was our host here (some of you will remember him from an Ignite Weekend at Moneylands Farm and from Fee’s year out there!). I found this church culture was the most like Ignite.

‘Belong – Behave – Believe’ (And the greatest of these is belong!) The Lord’s table is open to all.  

Our motive for mission is the Gospel of Joy, not Fear. Our presence is to be a blessing.  

See a need in your community? Barry had a good idea for starting out – gather 4 people, for 4 hours a week, each donate €40 per month and see what you can do with that time and money together.  

Inspire Chemnitz (

A few short thoughts for you on 3 very different churches – hopefully something struck you! 

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