What Has Jesus Done

A bible study following key moments in Jesus’ ministry, the reaction by those around him and what we can learn from it. This is a six session bible study using both video and participant guides to go deeper into What Jesus Has Done.

The six sessions are based on the following:

Wine Maker: Why does Jesus make 500 bottles of wine from water as his first miracle? What can we learn about who he is and what he is going to do?

Riot Starter: Jesus is making a name for himself. So much so that he is invited back to his hometown to speak in the synagogue. However, those listening aren’t too impressed with what he has to say.

Storm Stopper: Jesus demonstrates power over the wind and the waves and the ferocious storm we read about in Luke’s gospel. This draws us to the person of Jesus not because this story sets a good example of how we should live, but because it shows us more of who Jesus is.

Lunch Provider: God does not need much to do great things. He used 5 loaves and 2 fish to feed thousands of people. This is what Jesus is saying…“Whatever you offer to me, I can do immeasurably more than you can ever imagine”

Funeral Ender: Like all of us Jesus encounters pain, suffering and death. When He is told his friend Lazarus is sick Jesus says outright that the sickness will not end in death but that God will be glorified through it. How and When?

Crowd Disperser: Meeting the real Jesus can be a disturbing experience, as many people learnt throughout his time on earth. Crowds followed him because of his wisdom and actions but the some of the things he said lead them to turning away and walking back home, to somewhere more comfortable. You’d think being the greatest movement leader in the world that he could have utilised these crowds but instead he let them walk away.

Watch the video below for a taster!