Day 6 – Life’s Not Always Fair

Genesis 12

Women were far more subservient in Abram’s day than now but – even so – I feel sorry for Sarai. Her husband ‘claimed’ he’d had a fantastic promise from God that meant

•    she’d got to leave her home and family and travel hundreds of miles away.
•    the land he’d been promised was occupied and they weren’t welcome
•     they ended up in a place where there was famine
•    they moved on to Egypt but to keep himself safe, her husband wanted to be known as her brother.

I would have been saying “Life’s not fair”. But Sarai stuck with it, being obedient to her husband, trusting that he knew best.
Then Pharaoh finds out about their trick. Pharaoh’s were autocratic and merciless. They didn’t like being made a fool of. It’s amazing he didn’t kill them anyway. But he didn’t – he let them go. Maybe Sarai realised then that God did know what was going on and that he was looking after them. I hope so.

We have a choice when life doesn’t feel fair to us. We can grump and moan or we can stick with it, being obedient to God’s word and trusting that he knows what’s best for us.

Marion S
PS   How come she was so good looking at 70?!

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