Day 36 – What a Mess!

2 Samuel 11 – 12

One spring David chose to stay at home instead of going with the army. With his mates away, he probably got a bit bored and so he gave in to his feelings of lust and committed adultery. To cover up Bathsheba’s pregnancy, he cynically tried to manipulate Uriah but Uriah wasn’t having any. So David arranged his death – murder. That’s quite a result from not doing what you should be doing.

I shouldn’t think Nathan fancied going to see David either. It wouldn’t be my idea of fun telling the king he’d got it wrong. But Nathan went. He not only went but he planned what he was going to say so carefully that he caught David’s attention and led him to realise for himself what an awful mistake he’d made. A real result from doing what God wants.


It’s a credit to David that he immediately asked God’s forgiveness which brought him back into relationship with God. But the consequences remained – the child died and his family split apart leading ultimately to the division of Israel.


What can we learn from this?


Firstly, to follow what God wants us to do/be and not to be distracted.


Secondly, if you ever feel God has prompted you to tackle a friend who’s getting things wrong, remember to ask for God’s wisdom in what you should say.


Finally, give thanks for anyone who has led you to understand when you’ve got something wrong.




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