Day 46 – The Big Picture

Isaiah 51 – 53

Did anyone else find this one really wordy? I felt I had no choice but to read all of it – after all I am writing the blog! I hope you stuck with it too because in amongst all the words there is a really important message.

Page 226 verse 11 says

Those the Lord has rescued will return                                                                                                                                                                                             They will enter Zion with singing                                                                                                                                                                                                     everlasting joy will crown their heads.

That’s us. What a promise and a hope for now and the future. This is what God wants for us. He longs for us to know everlasting joy.


But  …  on page 227 verse 20 it says

They are filled with the wrath of the Lord,                                                                                                                                                                                        with the rebuke of your God.

That’s us too. Totally unacceptable to God. Oh help! What can we do to get back in favour. Look back at verse 11 again. It says the Lord has recued us. Not – we have sorted it out for ourselves. There’s no mention of us at all. God did it all – freely and willingly.


But there was a huge cost. I’d like you to turn now to P229 and to read the section headed ‘The suffering and glory of the servant’ again but this time replace every ‘he’, ‘him’ and ‘his’ with the name Jesus.


When I tried, it really brought home to me the stark reality of what it cost to save me. I ended up with tears in my eyes. I hope you did too. We have an incredible God.




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