Day 76 – Are you ready?

Acts 9

I was really struck by the words in today’s REFLECT section

If Jesus is alive, everything changes

Can I say that’s true for me? I say that I believe that Jesus is alive. Has it changed me?

  • How about the way I come before God – my worship?
  • What’s it done to my reason for being and doing – what I’m aiming for –my transformation?
  • Do I treat the people around me in the same old way – my community?
  • Does it matters to me whether others know about Jesus – my mission?


Saul/Paul didn’t change in personality. He was a passionate kind of guy before he met Jesus and he remained a passionate kind of guy afterwards but the focus of his passion was different. It was all about Jesus. His reason for being had changed.


The disciple Peter was always a leader but before he met Jesus he lacked any true direction and was all over the place. Once he knew Jesus, he became the rock on which the church was built. He had a solid foundation. He had changed.


From the little we know of Ananias, he seems to have been a rational kind of guy but with Jesus he stepped out of his comfort zone even when it didn’t make any sense. He went to baptise the Christian-persecutor Saul. He had changed.


We’re all different and what Jesus will ask of each of us will be different. But we can be sure, he will ask. And because it’s Jesus asking, it matters that we say ‘yes’. We may be changed but we can be sure it will be for the better.


Am I ready? Are you?

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