You Just Never Know

I’m not sure why but I started thinking about Paul’s intentions when he sat down to write his letter to Titus. Paul had visited Crete and preached to the people there. Titus had been left behind to work with the new Christians and to develop the fledgling church. In writing this letter, Paul wanted to encourage him and to give him guidance on the characteristics that the people of the church should display.


Paul didn’t know that his letter would be preserved and when the Bible was put together in the 4th century it would be selected as one of the God-inspired Christian writings to be included.


Paul didn’t know that in the 21st century a small group on an island at the edge of Europe would spend 4 weeks one November studying his letter to see what they could learn.


Just think – God has used Paul’s effort to help his mate. He has taken Paul’s desire to see the church in Crete grow to be the very best it could be and used it to guide and develop the worldwide church throughout the ages.


God is still the same today and he‘s still looking for opportunities to build his kingdom on earth through his faithful people.


What are you doing today?

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