He is Coming

Have you ever sat in Dublin airport watching the people waiting for the doors to open and their expected arrival to emerge?

Firstly and most noisily, there are those who are really excited. Maybe carrying welcome home banners, balloons and flowers who just can’t wait for their arrival to appear. It’s been so long since they’ve seen them that they daren’t pop to the loo or the coffee shop in case they miss that moment when the doors open and their loved one appears. And when the doors do finally release their special person, there are shouts, laughter, hugs and kisses. The time of waiting is over. It is time to celebrate.

Then there are people holding a clipboard with a name printed clearly on it looking slightly bored and weary. This is maybe the 15th person they have met this week. They have no idea of the shape of the face or colour of hair they are looking for. They just have to wait as they have done many times before until one of the people coming through the doors walks over and finds them. Then there is a professional smile and greeting as they turn to exit the airport.

There is the person quietly reading a book or doing a crossword – totally at ease and very used to the flight delays and lost baggage that are a normal part of frequent travel. They are often here waiting and have total confidence in the arrival appearing eventually. They contentedly continue reading with only an occasional glimpse at the doors until they hear their name called. Then there is a smile of delight, a peck on the cheek and a companionable exit to wherever they are going together.

There is the distracted person – standing alone and slightly isolated. They keep checking their phone for the time and for calls. Their eyes go repeatedly to the doors as they open. They have much on their mind. Anxiety is circling around them and when the doors finally reveal their arrival, there are tears. But principally there is relief that the person is here to share whatever is going on in their lives.

Then there are those who never make it to the waiting area. They are far too busy to waste time sitting waiting. They carefully time their arrival to meet the traveller as he/she leaves the arrivals hall and sweep them away without delay.

You have no doubt guessed where I’m going with this. As we wait for Jesus’ birth, who are you?

  • Is He someone who’s been missing from your life for a while and you are longing to spend time with Him again?
  • Do you have no idea who He is or what He’s like? Do you need to start to build a relationship with him?
  • Do you know Him well, trust Him completely and are content to wait on Him?
  • Do you feel so lost and hurt by life that you long to know He is alongside you sharing what is so difficult?
  • Are you too busy to spend time waiting for Jesus? Have you just too much to do?


Jesus is coming. He will meet you as you are. Are you ready?


Theme photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

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