Choices have Consequences

It sounds an obvious thing to say but the choices we make in life have consequences and very often we have no idea of where a choice we make will lead. 

As I draw close to the golden anniversary of when I left England for a job in Dublin, I can’t help but reflect that I had no idea I would still be here forty-nine years later. I just wanted to work in a few different parts of the world, gain experience of different cultures and have a bit of fun. My choice of Dublin as a starting point probably indicates an innate cautiousness. Although the distance from Bournemouth to Dublin was greater then than it is now – not in miles but definitely in time.  

I hadn’t even thought consciously about what I would do after my world tour although the assumption at the back of my mind was probably that I would return to England. 

Well, that didn’t happen and there have been outcomes – both good and bad from the choice I made. 

The good undoubtedly include the wonderful family I have. Being part of the birth of Urban Junction and getting to know all of you. Being part of a radical change in women’s choices and opportunities here in Ireland.  Enjoying the wonderful countryside particularly in Wicklow. Within each of these there have been subsets of challenges and at times pain of varying kinds but overall I would thank God for the privilege of being part of them. 

My son recently visited from his home in Canada and for the first time, I saw him struggling to relate to Ireland after nearly 20 years away. It’s something that’s inevitable as time passes, friends move away, lives take different paths and some lives end. For me, one of the most painful was not being able to be there for my mother in England when her life was ending, as my place was here with my young family. When I made my initial choice, I had no idea or intention that this would be a consequence and it gave me great sadness. 

So, whatever we choose – whether we choose out of our own desire or because we feel God has called us – there will be consequences. Some will be pleasurable and easy to thank God for. Some less so but we still need to trust that God has a path for us and will continually lead us through every circumstance that we meet. Is this the faith we have been talking of? 

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